You are a divine being

As a divine being we each have a purpose for being here. We all interchange with each other in many ways. Someone once said we are each a drop in the ocean we refer to as life. Without each of us being present in our own unique way, there is no ocean. At times we subtract from others ( some call this negative ) however each interaction my be described as an experience. Experiences are a way of gaining wisdom. I have noticed that the word hate accompanies an experience that is a different viewpoint. Love is when our viewpoint is enhanced. One way of transcending the various types of communication is to listen (really get the information that is coming our way). Many times it will be different from the way we look at life. When we can relate to the information, a useful interchange can occur. The phrase “I agree to disagree” is frequently used as a way of stopping the interchange. This is rarely useful to either viewpoint being expressed. Patience with ourselves and others usually evolves to a happier ocean instead of rough seas. Understanding that workable action is the goal is different that each of us striving to be what we define as perfect.